Hair Fall

Spotting hair strands on your pillow after you wake up or in your bathroom drain after a hair shower, can be unpleasant sign of excessive hair fall and damage. Several women are testimony to the fact that despite using anti-hair fall shampoos, after following anti-hair fall treatments, the situation refuses to get any better.

Hair fall can be limiting. Hair styling techniques like making puffs and buns, trimming them short or keeping them long can be very daunting. Flat hair and lack of lustre are problems one ends up tackling on an everyday basis. All this often makes one wonder and question “Does a real, effective hair fall solution even exist out there? “, “How to stop hair fall?”, “Is there a hair fall treatment that works?” and so on. This article is an answer to all your hair fall problems, while highlighting the causes of it and a hair fall treatment or hair fall remedy, you can add to your routine.

Causes of Hair Fall

Using the wrong shampoo

Being aware of your hair type and hair condition can prevent hair related problems like fizziness, hair breakage and hair fall. For instance, if you have frizzy hair, you need a hair shampoo that moisturises. In case you are already witnessing hair fall, you need an anti-hair fall solution. But if you end up using the wrong shampoo, it can instigate further hair fall problems rather than solving hair fall issues. Hence, using the correct hair fall solution like a vitamin-based anti-hair fall shampoo can help accentuate your hair type and prove to be a helpful hair fall treatment.

Daily hair care routine

Excess heat, humidity or dryness is all bad for hair. Prolonged sun exposure, excessive of too infrequent hair washing, not taking adequate steps for nourishing hair lengths can cause hair loss. Revamping your hair care routine or lifestyle can help you to improve your hair condition. Taking care of your scalp in the right possible way by changing a few things in your lifestyle like combing your hair, oiling it at a regular interval, using hair conditioning remedies and using the right hair treatments.

Physical and Mental Stress

Extreme physical strain can dehydrate your hair. To add to this excessive or in frequent, persistent illness and drastic weight loss or gain all contribute to hair fall. Taking too much stress about something can lead to hair breakage as it becomes super dry and flaky. Physical strain on the other side is good for your body but excess sweat accumulates on scalp increasing hair fall. One should always reduce mental stress if one has to reduce hair fall. Another way to reduce hair fall is to take a hair shower after rigorous workouts.

Hair fall due to heredity

Genes play a major role in deciding your hair pattern. It is common for hair loss problems to be passed down genetically. Men are susceptible to partial or complete baldness while women may be susceptible to inheriting alopecia from their mothers. While this may sometimes be out of your control, you can always use a hair fall solution or go for a hair treatment that nourishing to your hair. If this doesn’t work, you can always sort the help of a reputed dermatologist to take control of the situation.

Hormonal imbalance

For an individual, it is important to understand that hormonal imbalance can cause large amounts of hair fall. You might be exercising well, taking in all the nutrients but if your hormones are not aligned then you may have problems like hair fall, baldness, weight gain and so on. So, in this case you should always consult a doctor before taking matters in to your own hand. As for your hair fall issues arising due to hormonal imbalance, you can start with a mild hair fall solution shampoo and conditioner to externally help you.

Medical conditions

Like we spoke about hormonal imbalance, medical conditions like PCOS, thyroid, PCOD etc. are also possible reasons for hair fall. In a lot of cases, these kind of medical conditions lead to large amount of hair fall. Along with hair fall, hair thinning and flaky scalp can be experienced too. Your medical conditions and hair fall caused due to it can be treated after proper medications are started after consulting a physician.


To treat the mentioned medical conditions or hormonal imbalance, the medication provided can also cause a lot of hair fall as a side effect. Sometimes, medication in general comes with a lot of side-effects where hair fall is the foremost to note. Taking medication after consulting a doctor is very important and taking it in the right amount and duration. In this case, a hair fall solution suggested by a dermatologist is the best.


Being pregnant causes a lot of strain on your body. The nutritional requirements are higher. Lack of proper care can result in dehydration, fatigue, tiredness which may lead to hair fall in the end. Eating proper and right amount of food is necessary during pregnancy. It can help you and your baby remains healthy and also keeps you away from hair fall and all other hair related problems. While you concentrate on the bigger picture, don’t ignore taking care of your hair with the right hair fall solution.

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