Chemical Peels

Chemical Peel Treatment: Secret for Your Ever Youthful Skin

The concept of peeling the skin is not a recent practice. It has been done since ancient times to improve the texture of the skin, to smoothen, and beautify it. With developing science, we now know why Cleopatra used sour milk, (contains lactic acid, an alpha-hydroxy acid) while French women used old wine containing tartaric acid, all to enhance the appearance of their skin. But you don’t have to be Cleopatra to get the same glow up!

Chemical peeling is a very common office-based procedure in which the superficial layer of skin is peeled off with the help of chemicals agents, exfoliating the entire dead cell layer and other lesions with it and stimulating new cell growth, giving that fresh natural younger-looking look. This practice has evolved over the years, using the scientific knowledge of wound healing after controlled chemical skin injury. In the era of newer techniques and lasers, peeling has stood the test of your time as an easy procedure, requiring hardly any instrumentation to rejuvenate the skin.

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